Tanhau was born out of my desire to find peace away from the concrete jungles that our cities are. It is a haven to enjoy nature & wildlife away from other tourists, in a manner that infringes the least on the surroundings. Located on top of a hill at an altitude of ~4,300 feet, Tanhau overlooks the reserve forests of Corbett Tiger Reserve & the winding Kosi river, & has arguably the most spectacular view in the Corbett area.

We think of Tanhau not just as a place or property, but really more as a way of life – simple, peaceful & in harmony with nature. To reach Tanhau, the last four kilometers are along a jungle dirt track, of which the last kilometer was not even motorable when we came here.

We are in a constant process of reforesting the property & the area with the aim of letting the wilderness back in again. All construction has been done with locally available talent & materials, so we take a strange pride in our imperfect but wholly indigenous, low impact developments.

Is Tanhau everyone’s cup of tea? No. If you’re looking for a regular family holiday with manicured lawns, swimming pool, spa & loud music in the evenings, then Tanhau would disappoint you. Since we try to minimize the disturbance to wildlife, we have some house rules that may not work for everyone. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a chance to experience nature & wildlife in a way few others can, then look no further. We are blessed to enjoy a huge variety of bird & animal life, some of them otherwise unrecorded in the Corbett area, and enjoy sharing our experiences with interested people.

We believe that if you have left the confines of the city, you deserve some private space – that’s why we only have two guest cottages at Tanhau. Our attempt is to make your stay with us as personalized as possible & we think that happens best with small groups of people.

Tanhau is a destination like no other in the Corbett area. You could take a thrilling walk through prime tiger habitat during the day, enjoy sundowners while listening to sambar deer alarm calls from the thick forest below, dine al fresco while counting shooting stars in the night sky; or you could choose instead to simply enjoy the peace & spectacular view with a book & wholesome soul food instead. The options we can offer are myriad, and some are ones that are truly unique.