Our present tariff is as below –

  Double Occupancy Tariff per night Single Occupancy Tariff per night
Cottage # of Rooms Accommodates Beds Including Breakfast Only (CP) Including All  Meals (AP) Including Breakfast Only (CP) Including All Meals (AP)
Bagh 1 Two 1 Double ₹7,500 ₹9,500 ₹6,000 ₹7,000
Chukar 2 Four 2 Doubles ₹13,000 ₹17,000 (4 guests) ₹12,000 (2 guests) ₹14,000 (2 guests)
Guldar* 1 Two 1 Double ₹7,500 ₹9,500 ₹6,000 ₹7,000

*presently unavailable 

  • Extra person in the room: ₹3,000/ ₹2,000 (CP & AP respectively)
  • Child below 14: ₹2,500/ ₹1,500 (CP & AP respectively)
  • Child below 6: Free

Food & Experiences:

  • Food:
    • As we are a homestay and remote, we do not have a kitchen where you can order ala carte
    • Instead we try to understand your dietary preferences fully before you arrive, and serve you meals accordingly. Our meals are usually appreciated & enjoyed by guests, both in terms of taste as well as variety
    • For any extra meals (lunch or dinner), we have a fixed tariff of ₹400/500 for vegetarian/ non-vegetarian respectively. Virtually all our guests have all meals at the property itself as there are no other good options around
    •  In case you choose a breakfast-only tariff, we request guests to let us know in advance about any other meals they plan to have at Tanhau
  • Experiences:
    • Tanhau is a place that can be as active or laid-back as you want it to be – you could join us on thrilling hikes through pristine reserve forests of the Corbett where big cats are also present, or you could just put your feet up with a drink & a book and enjoy the views & solitude. And there are a lot of other special experiences as well.
    • One local experience each day of around 2 hours) – birding/ nature hike, village walk, evening drive to put up camera traps etc – is included in your tariff. Please note that the experiences that have a cost mentioned (due to more resources being involved) are not included free
Our cancellation policy is as below:

Cancellation Policy

Refund percentage





< 7 days before check-in, or start of the trip

7 to 15 days before check-in, or start of the trip

16 – to 30 days before check-in, or start of the trip

> 30 days before check-in, or start of the trip