Nature Hikes

This is our specialty and something we do really well – only because our passion for wildlife keeps us exploring these jungle trails ourselves. Join us on hikes through the beautiful reserve forests of Corbett and experience nature & wildlife as few people get to.
We do a variety of hikes ranging from full-day hikes with a fair bit of climbing involved to more straightforward hikes lasting a couple of hours. Whether you follow the old trail used at one time by Jim Corbett’s famous Maneater of Mohan or just hike through the jungle to a lovely breakfast point, all our hikes give you the chance to experience great birding, stunning views and test your ability to negotiate your way through hilly terrain and dense forest.
As always, nothing is predictable when it comes to wildlife but we often have some great experiences & sightings on these hikes. Walking on foot is an experience completely different from the jeep safaris inside a national park & one that we find addictive.