Built from ‘bricks’ made on the property itself, Bagh overlooks stunningly gorgeous reserve forests of Corbett. Located very close to the edge of the forest, this cottage offers a great chance to be up close and personal with wildlife if you are lucky.

While you sit in the verandah soaking in the view, you could hear or see an abundance of bird and animal action. The cottage is perched right above the track separating Tanhau from the forest, and at night this is often an animal superhighway, with occasional visits even from the local tigers.

Since it’s so close to the forest and the track, we want to minimize the disturbance to wildlife from human presence in the cottage. Keeping this in mind, there is limited but adequate electric light provided in the cottage. Bagh is a spacious one-room cottage with a double bed, in-suite bathroom and a verandah in front. There is adequate space for a third person to be accommodated inside the room. Running hot water is available through a solar heating system.

We shy away from providing many so-called ‘luxuries’ that don’t fit in with our commitment of leaving the lightest ecological footprint possible – so, there is no bathtub, air conditioner or a TV. However, you’ll enjoy the luxurious duvets, the soft towels and premium organic toiletries. In case you forget to carry your own books, you can ask for a Kindle. A wider selection of books is available in our library. House rules though, especially for Bagh, are strict about permissible music volume levels in the evening. If you want a chilled beer or a soft drink, our staff will be happy to store and get it from our main fridge.

Choose to stay in Bagh if you want the true jungle experience combined with a spectacular view. Choose Bagh if keeping your ears open for alarm calls or the roar of a tiger sound more exciting to you than listening to your regular music. Of course, as is always the case with wildlife, nothing is predictable and there are some times when there is no action – but the view is always a sight for sore eyes.