There must be something in the air, because most people who visit Tanhau say they end up eating more than usual. Or maybe it’s just that our food is good. Either way we’re happiest if you enjoy your meals here.

A lot of our vegetables are grown organically on the property itself, though they often fall prey to the local wildlife before they can end up in the kitchen. We have an alfresco dining area located outside the kitchen that we call ‘The Dhaba’ – with a couple of wooden benches and the occasional resident hen pecking around, it does resemble the roadside highway eateries it is named after. With a waterhole right below it, the dhaba is often a great spot for some relaxed birding. Main meals are served at the Dhaba, though if the weather is inclement our staff will be happy to get the food to your cottage. Morning & evening tea will be brought to your cottage unless you prefer to come and have it at the Dhaba.

We love to customize our menus according to your personal preferences & dietary requirements. However, since other than the vegetables we grow virtually all other ingredients need to be brought in from either the nearest town Ramnagar (42 km away) or Delhi, this requires some planning in advance. So once you’ve decided to visit Tanhau, we will typically get in touch to understand your food preferences before you arrive.

We encourage you to bring your own choice of spirits along if you wish at no charge, and will be happy to provide the mixers & accompaniments.

So choose if you want to be pampered in Tanhau with elaborate, eclectic meals or go with more limited but anyway great tasting food – either way we are sure, you’ll ask for second helpings!