Guldar is the local name for leopard, and this cottage is so named as there is frequently leopard movement on the village path close to this cottage. Also, like the secretive & elusive nature of the leopard, this cottage is tucked away in a corner of the property far away from the view of others. It resembles the forest rest houses inside the national park from the outside.

Guldar commands a beautiful view of the Kosi river winding it’s way through the verdant valley below, and a bird’s eye view of the small village of Taram on the opposite hill. This is the best place to enjoy the often stunning sunrises that Tanhau is blessed to enjoy.

Guldar is a spacious one-room cottage with a double bed, in-suite bathroom and a verandah in front. There is adequate space for a third person to be accommodated inside the room. Running hot water is gas generated.

Though rustic from the outside, Guldar is well appointed inside. A mini-fridge ensures that you are never more than an arm’s length away from a chilled beer – though of course the power supply is rather erratic.

Choose to stay in Guldar if you are looking for privacy & a chance to seriously unwind and relax. Choose Guldar if you want a balance of the wild side along with some ‘creature comforts’ like a fridge.