Tanhau across the Seasons

Tanhau is beautiful through the year yet distinctly different both in the look & feel as well as the experiences it has to offer.

In summer there is a certain hostile beauty to the whole Corbett area. The Sal forests are carpeted with dry leaves as the trees shed the old leaves and grow new ones. The days are long and hot & this is typically the best time for seeing animals inside the national park, often near waterbodies where they come to quench their thirst and cool down. With both prey & predators feeling the heat, elephants in ‘mast’ & the Brainfever bird’s repeated, seemingly delirious calls, there is an air of madness in the jungle. Yet surprisingly, this is also the time when the brightest flowers come into bloom.
During this time Tanhau remains cool & pleasant in the mornings & evenings, though in peak summer it can get a little warm for a few hours in the afternoon. But then, there are lots of activities you could choose from to beat the heat. In the evenings, the calls of nightjars provide a constant accompaniment to your conversation.
Summer is perhaps the best time for a visit combining some time at Tanhau with a couple of nights inside the park.

Monsoons are when the wilderness truly takes over. The park is closed during this time and our own activities like the longer jungle hikes too get restricted since the jungle becomes too overgrown & inaccessible. However, Tanhau and it’s surroundings often look at their stunning best during this time – lush green and bursting with new life. The weather is mostly pleasant and occasionally a little cold. On most days, clouds come up from the valley and envelope Tanhau by afternoon. This is the time to come to Tanhau, put your feet up with a good book and enjoy the magic of the monsoons.

Winter is about clear skies, short days and crisp cold weather with gorgeous sunshine during the day. Evenings are lovely, hearing the sounds of the jungle while enjoying a drink around a bonfire. Birding activities are highest during this time and a short walk often gives you a stunning view of many of the Himalayan snow peaks. This is also the time when our activities like jungle hikes & camping are restarted after the enforced break of the monsoons. Some of our most treasured wildlife experiences like sightings of the rarely seen Himalayan Serow & Chukar partridges happen at this time. Big cat activity around Tanhau also tends to be highest in the winter. With the park reopening in mid-November, this is also a great time to spend some time both at Tanhau & inside the park.

Come and experience Tanhau any time across the year, it’s always magical.